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Bombay Industrial Museum
Kohinoor Mills Co. Ltd.

This website will be a digital archive and virtual exhibition of the history of industry and manufacturing in Mumbai/Bombay, developed from numerous archival sources by Dr Shekhar Krishnan.

The basic database has been compiled from three publications of the Indian Textile Journal (Surya Mahal, Military Square, Fort, Bombay 1):

Other sources include the following reports and directories:

  • “Classified List of Manufacturers of Swadeshi Goods and their Agents & Dealers” (Bombay Swadeshi League, February 1931)
  • Report of the Study Group on Cotton Textile Mills in Mumbai; Charles Correa, Chair; V.K. Phatak, Convenor (Government of Maharashtra, August 1996)

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All archival photography and original materials are held in the T.R. Srinivasan & N. Sanjiva Rao, IPS Memorial Collection, Mumbai. All original photography is by Dr Shekhar Krishnan with permission of the National Textile Corporation.

All images, narratives, database and all other derivative content on this website are copyrighted by Dr Shekhar Krishnan and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.